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As the saying goes, eyes are the windows in the heart. We see and find mystery in the nature of our eyes. For scientists’ discovery of cell to research of celestial objects, they owe these findings to eyes. Although we trust our eyes so much, the fact is that what we see may deceive us. Let us begin our adventure and find out how our eyes trick us!

Introduce your kids into the world of STEM/ STEAM research and analytical thinking through a series of fun science tricks all revolving around Optical Illusions.

All About Virtual Optical Illusion Camp:

  • Explore mystery of eyeball – how do our eyes work?
  • DIY Film Projector – Explore how the film frames on screen can change continuously
  • Grating animation – Make your still images come to life
  • Spinner Disk Illusion – Learn how your eyes trick your brain
  • Dinosaur Eyes On You – Make a dinosaur who will keep its eyes on you.
  • Magic Haunted House – Explore why two objects of the same size will appear different in sizes when you put them in the same house
  • Jastrow Illusion – Become a magician within 5 mins
  • Embarrassed Mona Lisa – Is Mona Lisa laughing or crying? Lets find out
  • Cube Illusion – Explore why a concave shape cube can magically turn into a convex shape cube.
  • Classes will be conducted via Zoom!
  • Facilited by our fun STEM Scientist! 

Kids love our hands-on STEM experiments and will keep coming back for more!

Only $69 inclusive of free Science Kit worth $29.90! 

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