Daisy Duck & Friends Collection (10 Books)
Daisy Duck & Friends Collection (10 Books)
Daisy Duck & Friends Collection (10 Books)
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Daisy Duck & Friends Collection (10 Books)

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Daisy Duck & Friends 10-Book Collection

📚Suitable: age 2 years up
📚Publisher: Orchard Books
📚Format: Paperback

This set of 10 picture books is packed with new animal friends for your children to fall in love with. Written and illustrated by Jane Simmons and full of gentle humour, these books are just perfect for little animal lovers. Comes in a colourful bonus tote bag! 

Daisy and the Beastie
Daisy, the little duck with the big feet, and her brother, Pip, go in search of the Beastie! When Grandpa tells Daisy and Pip all about the mysterious Farmyard Beastie, they decide to go in search of it. But the Beastie isn't with the chickens...it isn't with the geese...it isn't in the bar...but what is that strange noise coming from the shed? Might they have found the Beastie?! Another beautifully illustrated and fun Daisy story from the talented Jane Simmons.

Daisy and the Moon
Chasing moths in the moonlight looks like fun until Daisy and Pip realise they are not night creatures and soon become lost in the dark! How will they find their way back to Mamma Duck? This book features an irresistible glittery effect on the cover! "It's getting dark and I'm so tired," yawned Mamma Duck. "Time for us day creatures to sleep." Daisy and Pip are ready for bed. They're about to snuggle under Mamma's wing, but then they spot Twitch the mouse, chasing moths! Chasing moths looks like fun, so Daisy and Pip join in, too. However, Daisy and Pip are not night creatures, and they soon become lost in the dark! So how will they find their way back to Mamma Duck? A wonderfully reassuring picture book for all children who are a little bit scared of the dark.

Little Ferns First Winter
A beautiful story that captures the magic, excitement and wonder of the first fall of snow. The snow is coming said Ma Rabbit. What's snow  said Fern. Everyone in the wood is getting ready for the winter but Fern has never seen snow before. Surely she and Bracken have time for one more game of hide-and-seek before the snow arrives . . . don't they

I Love You Muddy Bear
When Mousse wakes up there is snow EVERYWHERE! So she grabs her favourite toy, Muddy Bear, and races round best friend Nut's house. It isn't long before they're both jumping about in the snow but hang on...where has Muddy Bear gone? The two best friends set off on a journey to find the precious toy...but perhaps it's closer than they think. A gorgeous sequel to Together from the creator of Daisy the little duck with big feet!

Ebb and Flo and the Baby Seal
Ebb wants to play but Flo and Mum are too busy. So when Ebb finds a baby seal on the beach, they play together all afternoon. But how will the tiny seal get home when the day is over?

Have you noticed how being with your best friend makes your day that little bit brighter? Mousse and Nut love playing together - but can they really be friends when they're so different? Of course they can! This delightful story goes to show, it's the 'being together' and the friendship that counts. This book presents a heart-lifting story with two incredibly adorable new characters from Jane Simmons.

Lily Gets Lost
Curious Lily meets all the farm animals but discovers that she's happiest with her mamma, in this gentle and reassuring story by the creator of the bestselling Daisy series.

Pog and the Birdies
When a little bird lands right next to Pog and starts to sing, Pog thinks it is the sweetest music he has ever heard. But then along comes Puss-tat and invites Pog to play - chasing birdies! Will the little bird ever return to sing to Pog again? A charming roof-top tale, two irresistible cats and a lovely message about friendship and trust, which will appeal to both adults and children alike!

Come on Daisy
Mamma Duck tells Daisy to stay close, but Daisy thinks that chasing dragonflies and bouncing on lilypads looks much more fun . . .This warm and comforting story, starring Daisy the duck, has been delighting children for over 15 years.

Ebb and Flo and the Greedy Gutts
When some greedy gulls eat the picnic, it's poor Ebb who gets the blame - so she goes off in a sulk. But when a storm blows in and it's time to go home, Ebb is nowhere to be seen . . .A dramatic but reassuring tale from the creator of the bestselling, award-winning Daisy books.

📚Titles in this collection

  • Daisy and the Beastie 
  • Daisy and the Moon
  • Little Fern's First Winter 
  • I Love You, Muddy Bear 
  • Ebb and Flo and the Baby Seal
  • Together
  • Lily Gets Lost 
  • Pog and the Birdies 
  • Come on, Daisy!
  • Ebb and Flo and the Greedy Gutts